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volunteer in nature conservation project in nepal

Summer Program Start Date: 10 June -July 8, 15 July 2013, 13 Auguest, 25 July – 23 August,

Language Requirements: No local language required; but basic knowledge of spoken of written English is necessary to communicate with local project and staffs.

Skills Required: No specific qualification or experiences required. All levels of skills and experiences are accommodated in our project except medical project.

Food and lodging: Minimal types of accommodation. Volunteers should not expect any luxury accommodation. You may stay with a host family or in a Guest House in a single or shared room with a fan base on the itinerary.

Basic Eligibility: The applicants must be at least 18 years of age or above. If you are less than 18 years old, you can also join Helping Abroad volunteer program but you need to submit a letter of permission signed by your parents or guardians.

A country with ancient history along beautiful big Himalayas can make your free time more worthy, as you will be living with the respectful people. Nepal is a perfect place for those, who want to have a break from their job and hectic lifestyle. From the attractive view of the Himalayan Mountains to the village life of the rural communities, Nepal will surely make your life happier and excited. You can enjoy the beautiful safari park, big and large mountains with the charming landscapes, architectural wonders and seemingly uncountable monuments. Besides traveling, you also have the chance to explore the fascinating and ancient culture of the Nepal, which can take you thousands of years back. If you are looking for all these and many more, then the Global Volunteer Solutions (VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT)) Summer Adventure Travel Program in Nepal is perfect for you!

You will be exploring the beauty and cultural greatness of Nepal, at the same time; you will be taking part in making a difference in the lives of the local people by helping them in different sectors. Through the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) Summer Adventure Travel Program, you can easily achieve your goals and make the worldbetter, while learning more about another land and culture. You will have many choices in this program; you can work for the community building programs, teaching, care for orphans and much more. Being a part of the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) Summer Adventure Travel Program, you will be able to experience the Nepalese culture and local traditions, not as a tourist, but as a part of their community.

The VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) Summer Adventure Travel Program aims to give you a life changing experience in one of the most spectacular places on the planet that is Nepal. Join VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) and help the local people of Nepal by training and educating them.

Activities Included

Phase I: Intensive Language & Cultural program (7 Days)
Phase II: Helping hand to community service (2 Weeks)
Phase III: Spiritual and Historical Nepalese Tour (10 days/9 nights)
Phase IV: Final experience synthesis and farewell



Proposed Itinerary

Phase 1: One Week Intensive Language, orientation and Cultural Program (ILOP)

VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) main purpose in ILCP program is to introduce you to the basics of Nepali language, culture, and their traditions. When you will learn the basic sentences and words of Nepali Language, you can be able to communicate easily with the local people. It will build your confidence, as well as allows you to feel more comfortable before starting your other volunteering programs in Nepal. The volunteers will find the below itinerary an interesting and extremely useful experience.

VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) orientation program include attending Nepalese language classes, staying at the village and experiencing the simple lifestyle. You will also visit Lamatar; a beautiful village for three days, where you can meet and learn a lot from the local people. You also have the chance to make friends all around the world as you will be staying with the other participants came from different parts of the world. Thus knowing the thoughts and culture of these people is another worthwhile experience. Besides this, youwill also enjoy and visit the spiritual temples, monasteries and various places of cultural significance. In the evening, you can walk to the colorful bazaars of Katmandu. Thus VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) is providing you a platform to learn and understand the Nepal.


Proposed Itinerary

DAY 1: You will be welcomed into the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) Nepal Office, where you will be given short orientation about the program mission-vision. You will be introduced about local language and culture. You can also learn about Nepalese geography, politics, and other social issues.
DAY 2: You will begin to converse in the local language by learning the basics such as greetings, affirmatives and negatives, local expression and short common phrases. To be able to exercise your new knowledge, some time will be allotted to walk around places such as commercial centers and local markets.
DAY 3: Language training continues and becomes little more advanced. Time will also be allotted for more leisurely exploration of the area.
DAY 4: Culture immersion commences. Visit Katmandu – Explore the captivating tourist attractions of Katmandu, such as tourist bazaars and different shrines and temples.
DAY 5: Further language training. More complex phrases and Nepalese words are taught to you. Again, leisure time will be given for you to explore commercial areas where you can exercise your new language skills.
DAY 6: Stay at Lamatar, a rural village near Katmandu and mingle with the locals. Taste their food, know about their cultures and traditions and practice your language skills.
DAY 7: Final phase of language training, where there is a final evaluation and refinement. To relax, you may either visit a village or see a movie, depending upon your preferences.
Note: The itinerary may be changed anytime due to local, social and weather conditions. All changes will be made with volunteer group’s knowledge and participation.

Phase II: helping hand to community service (2 weeks)

Phase II is the heart and soul of the Volunteer Group Program. This is where you will be able to interact with the underprivileged people of Nepal and give them a helping hand. For two to three weeks, you’ll spend much of your time with the local community not only to help them, but actually living among them and learning and growing along with them. There will be a lot of challenges that you will face, but at the same time you’ll find that these challenges are nothing compared to the love and camaraderie that you will receive from the locals!

The VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) staff will work to be able to match your skills to the program where you will excel the most. Global Volunteer Solutions offers a multitude of projects that can bridge your interests, skills, talents, adventurous spirit and personal goals with the panoply of world humanitarian needs. Listed below are various projects offered by the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL (VNT) program:

seoexpertss_logo Work in orphan homes: This is one of the volunteering programs you should definitely consider if you have a caring heart. There are many children who are orphans, who do not have anyone to look after them. Your participation may give them a completely new life they desire.
seoexpertss_logo Teaching English: This volunteering program has been made to provide education to the deprived children. If you have a kind heart and desire to serve humanity then this is the golden opportunity for you to take part and bring happiness to many.
seoexpertss_logo Work at local conservation project: The program is ideal for those who are passionate about the conservation of forests and environment. Your interest and participation in this project can really make a great difference to the environment of Nepal.

As a volunteer, it will be your personal touch that will make all the difference for the local people you will encounter. Your skills and time will be the way for these people to get a better hold on life. Likewise, it’s also your love and compassion that can give them hopes.


PHASE III: Historical Cross Cultural & Annapurna Trekking (10 days/9 nights)

After completion of volunteer service program, this will be your time to relax and explore the historical and dynamic places of Chitwan, Kathmandu, Pokhara and other areas in Nepal. You will have the chance to view the TrishuliRiver where you join 3-4 hours White Water Rafting (this is not available in July). After the rafting, you will continuously proceed to visit Chitwan National park where you will stay 3 nights at the hotel. Here you can enjoy national safari in the jungle as well as see the crocodiles, flesh eater Marsh Mugger, Gharial, other animals and birds on Rapati River. You will also have an opportunity to visit Tharu ethnic village where you can enjoy cultural dance program in the evening.

You will also travel to SuikhetPhedi from where you will go to the village of Damphusthrough paddy fields. You will also visit Deurali, villages of Tolka, BeriKharka, and Landrung. You will also have the chance to view snow-capped mountains, Gangapura, and Machapuchhre (Fishtail). Moreover you will be doing trekking through some rough and rugged terrain in Pokhara, while being shadowed by the beauty and majesty of the Kilimanjaro Mountains! You’ll also be spending time in Annapurna, where you will learn about Tibet’s ancient traditions and its cultures. You can also spend some time with the natives, which is always a great way to learn the most intimate secrets of your host country! Thus this phase of VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) program is your time to get back to your inner self and have some fun.


Proposed Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to Chitwan (3hrs rafting on the way)

Take an early morning tourist bus to Chitwan. Experience the rapids of Trishuli as you raft through Trishuli River. The river is fed by the snow of the Himalayas and flows through the middle hills of the Mahabharata range. It is joined by Marsyandi at Mugling and flows into the Narayaniriver, which flows through the Chitwan National Park in the Terai and mixes with the Ganges.

Your raft ‘put-in-point’ is Fishling, along the Prithivi Highway. The crew prepares the raft and you are on your way hitting the first rapid immediately. Seven sets of fun filled rapid are aligned with in the track. This trip lasts for 3 hrs maximum.

You’ll end your trip in Mungling and continue our journey to Chitwan National Park. It is about an hour and half drive. Arrive at Chitwan and check-in at a Lodge.

Day 2: Chitwan National Park Jungle activities

Receive an early morning wake-up call. After tea/coffee, we go for a jungle walk for bird watching. Return to the camp for breakfast. Leave for canoe/boat ride on Rapti/Narayani River to witness crocodiles, Gharial and flesh eater Marsh Mugger, animals and birds. Return to the camp for lunch. Visit to Tharu ethnic village for cultural tour. Dinner & overnight stay at the lodge.

Day 3: Enjoying elephant safari

Enjoy elephant safari in the jungle to witness wild animals in their natural habitat in the morning from 8 am – 11 am. Return back to the camp for Lunch. After lunch, you can visit our elephant stables where the senior naturalists will give a talk about the habits of the elephants. Also get a chance to see the elephants bathing. In the evening enjoy Tharu cultural dance program.

Day 4: Drive to Pokhara

From Chitwan it’s about 150KM drive to Pokhara and takes 6 hrs due to the road condition. Arrive in Pokhara and Check-in at the recommended hotel.

Day 5 :Pokhara/Dhamphus

Leave Pokhara and travel by road to SuikhetPhedi, 30 minutes away. From here, the trail ascends steeply through forest and later through paddy fields to the village of Damphus where you stay overnight in a tent camp.

Day 6 :Dhamphus/Landrung

(5100 feet and 5/6 hours walking) Today the trail goes along the ridge to Deurali. Descend through forest again for some time to the small villages of Tolka and BeriKharka. The trail then descends through scattered forests and villages to reach Landrung for overnight camping.

Day 7 :Landrung/Ghandrung

(6400 feet and 3 to 4 hours walking) The trail goes steeply down towards the river for an hour then there is a steep ascent for about 2-3 hours through scattered villages with beautiful views of the Himalayas. Eventually, reach Ghandrung, one of the largest Gurung settlements in Western Nepal.

You can have good views of Gangapura, Machapuchhre (Fishtail), Mount Annapurna and other snow-capped mountains. If time permits, visit the Annapurna Mountain Conservation Area Project headquarters, the local museum and the village.

Day 8: Ghandrung/Birethanti

(3 hours walking) Today the trail descends to Seuli Bazaar for about two hours and then an easy walk for another hour to reach Birethani for overnight camping.

Day 9: Birethanti/NayaPul/Pokhara

After breakfast, you can do an easy walk for about 45 minutes to NayaPul. From here, drive to Pokhara, about one hour away.

Day 10: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Breakfast will be served in the morning after that you’ll be driven to the airport. The plane takes 25 minutes to get you to Kathmandu. The tour will end on arrival in Kathmandu


Phase IV: Final Experience Synthesis and Farewell

Once the group has finished their volunteer program, it will be up to the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) Staff to make sure that the climax of their experience is every bit as memorable and meaningful as their volunteering duration. To this end, the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) staff will throw each volunteer group a “farewell program”, not only to give time to the participants to recall and share important experiences and lessons, but also as a way for the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) family to show how important each of you are to us.

The farewell program will compose to a short program of certificate distribution. During the program a short speech will be given by the VOLUNTEER NEPAL TRAVEL(VNT) country coordinator, and then each member of the group will be welcome to share whatever insights, lessons or experiences they wish to share with the whole group. After a short farewell program, an ample time will be given for picture taking and goodbyes. Once the program is over, the group of volunteers will be driven back to the airport..



Our Volunteers Feedback

To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders.

Aaron Han


To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders

Aaron Hank