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“Come and help to improve the status of health, personal hygiene and sanitation for poor people of Nepal and get reward. Your one decision to look after them can change the life of these hopeless people”

Project Overview

Volunteer Nepal Travel initiated its health project in Chitwan, Kathmandu & Pokhara and various different parts of Nepal in collaboration with local hospitals, healthcare centers and health related NGOs to provide basic medical care to the poor and needy Nepalese people. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world that lacks basic health facilities. The doctors and physician ratio is extremely lower in Nepal i.e. there are 1,259 physicians, or we can say one physician for every 18,400 persons. Health care facilities, hygiene, nutrition and sanitation are poor and beyond the means of the most, especially in rural areas. Most of the good health clinics are situated in urban areas, and thus the poor people in rural areas are deprived of treatment. Poor people in both rural and urban areas cannot afford treatment in private hospitals thus they go to government hospitals which have poor infrastructure, lack adequate funding, trained staff and medicines.

Nepalese people fall ill due to different circumstances but to poor treatment they succumb to suffering and death. The most important and familiar diseases in Nepal include diarrhea, goiter, leprosy, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal disorders and intestinal parasites. Many Nepalese are unaware of health hygiene and environmental issues. Health insurance is almost nonsexist. Nepal doesn’t have enough skilled health man power. Therefore poor Nepalese always look for volunteers support. Thus VNT is mobilizing local and international volunteers with health backgrounds in the poor areas where people don’t have access to any health. Thus, if you also want to help them by giving your valuable time, then come and join us. Your small contribution can make a difference in their lives.


You’re Responsibilities as a Volunteer

VNT has started its work with the plan of medical program for the poor Nepalese. We want volunteers from all over the world to help us in supporting unfortunate people of Nepal. The program is little bit challenging but its future outcome is beyond measures. As a volunteer you don’t need to do surgical operations but you can help doctors, nurses and other medical staff in treatment of diseases. You will be working in health posts, hospitals and other health institution, either being run by government or local community in both rural and urban areas of Nepal. You will be assigned with different responsibilities according to your level of experience. Your main responsibilities will include; measuring of blood pressure (BP), temperature, height, weight, distribute medication, and possibly participate in the treatment for minor injuries/wounds and/or maintain records of treated patients. At the mean time you will consult with citizen about health care, by this means you will help the community in raising the awareness about health, sanitation and hygiene. As this project is very critical, so you need to be very conscious about your every responsibility. Our program is targeted to anyone who has keen interest in the welfare of Nepalese poor women, children and adults.

PLEASE NOTE: The nature of job is flexible. You don’t need to be anxious about the work. You can work 3 – 4 hours, for 5 – 6 days in a week. Work schedule and any other activity needed by in this project will be provided by doctors, nurses or medical staff. You are also expected to make little disturbance in the schedule due to traditional, cultural festivals, their exams and other similar situations. During these times you can go for short holidays.

Project Skills and Education Requirements:

Volunteers interested to work in the health project should have some level of work experience in health/medical sector. We prefer Medical students, nurses and doctors for our health program; however we do accept other volunteers who do have some experience in the area. You must be at least 18 years of old. You should have an open mind, flexible attitude, initiative, compassion, eagerness, to work with patients. You also need to have a little knowledge of English grammar and confidence. Besides this motivation, plenty of enthusiasm and lot of patience is must. However if you are interested to join hospital based program then you need to submit the proof of certification of medical student, nurse, doctor, or other medical-related experience.

Food and Accommodation

Volunteer Nepal Travel will arrange food and accommodation to its volunteer in a host family or hostel it is depending on the project type and location. The lifestyle of the Nepali is quite simple when compared to the lifestyle of the Western countries. Volunteer should not expect the luxurious accommodation. You will be provided same accommodation facilities prepared by family. The Nepali bathrooms have a sit on your heels toilet, a shower area and running cold water and in the bedroom, you may either sleep alone or with another volunteer on a woven mattress or an a hard mattress. If you stay in the hostfamily, you are supposed to do the household activities like cleaning the house, cooking food, taking care of children, taking care of elder people. According to the Nepali culture, Nepali people do not send the elderly people to old age homes like other countries do. It is against their culture.

During lunch and dinner the entire family sits together to have their meal and though you are a guest in their house you are considered as a part of their family which is a part of the lifestyle of Nepal. The food in Nepal has an appealing blend of strong and vibrant taste. You will be provided with three meals a day which includes white rice, noodle, drinks, salad, and vegetables, which is delicious. And if you want to have your own food, you are welcome to have it and you can get it from anywhere. There are many restaurants in Nepal that would suit your tastes and budget. Nepali food is much cheaper when compared to other places and your hometown. During your volunteer service you are supposed to live with your group of people or family, and share the same experience that they face. You will be given the local fare twice a day, but things that you can enjoy throughout the day and till your service is the love, kindness, hospitality and welcome of Nepali which is extraordinary!



Our Volunteers Feedback

To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders.

Aaron Han


To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders

Aaron Hank