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volunteer in nature conservation project in nepal

Project Overview

The Himalayan region of Nepal, the land of Sherpa is a top travel destination of the world, with unique cultured local people living in the shadow of the highest mountains and rugged beauty of their valleys. Being inhabited by the unspoiled nature, you can enjoy your stay in Nepal with the welcoming and warm natives by volunteering in Everest region. This region is not motored; therefore people have hard lives walking up and down the hill for trade, agriculture, etc. Considerable changes like schools and hospital establishment have occurred in their lives with the entry of tourists across the globe. People require volunteers to aid them progress their lives to sustain themselves.

VNT has introduced the Himalayan Volunteer Program through which you can volunteer in Sherpa’s land to help and teach children and the community and thereby creating a confidence, liveliness and hope in them for the future. Apart from this volunteering service, you have the opportunities to enjoy the magnificent beauty and to have a learning experience with the local Sherpa community. You will enjoy the real local life by being one of them. As a part of the program, there will be specific schedules that would give you information about the daily activities that you are expected to do. Nature welcomes you every morning. After having breakfast with monks, you will teach in the classes at particular time periods scheduled. You can read books or have a walk to nearby village, restaurants, to enjoy the breathtaking beauty or to access Internet. Always find time to know the people and explore more!

You’re Responsibilities as a Volunteer

As a VNT volunteer working in any of the Volunteering in Himalayan region Programs in Nepal, you’re expected to perform the following roles:

Working hand in hand with the local school/workshop authority
Help learners and students understand and learn basics of English language including grammar.
Provide the needy with support in English language writing and speaking skills.
Read stories in English, conduct quiz programs as an aim in improving English language among all learners including school students.
Teaching them basic etiquette and morals through dramas and stories.
Teaching them with other subjects along with skills such as sowing, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, and so on.
Organizing fun trips and excursions for the students as an engaging activity with a motive of teaching the language.
Help schools and authorities raise funds and create awareness about education

Above mentioned responsibilities are the core program highlights and is not restricted to it only. All volunteers are expected to accommodate any immediate needs originating at the project sites at local level. Actual programs would be shared with you during the orientation after your arrival at the project.

Education Requirements and Project Skills

Excellent knowledge of English is a must for effective communication. You are expected to have suitable qualification in English language.
Of good health as trekking is involved.
No prior experience is required but willingness to do good work is necessary.
All volunteers must be of 18 years of age or above to participate.
All volunteers are expected to be compassionate towards children and the cause, be open minded and adjust with the local surroundings and unexpected situations, be patient, participate in the project developmental activities at all levels and above all believe in the cause and power their participation could bring in.
You must have respect for local culture, tradition and people.

How VNT makes all the difference in your trip

VNT ensures that you thoroughly enjoy your stay at the project or while you work at any project sites in the country. The very opportunity of working in coordination with local staff, people and the poor of the community will instill a feeling of fulfillment in you. You would benefit from your experience of interacting with other international volunteers at the project site. The impact you’ll make on the communities is sure to remain ever green in their minds. Besides the fruitful interaction with local community you would get to explore the natural attractions of the land. When you leave, you would have encouraged many understand and speak English, new friends and above all you would feel blessed for changing lives by imparting education and English language in specific.!!

Meal, Accommodations and Support at Project Sites:

VNT and its local support/partners will arrange and manage all meals and accommodation related support at the project site. The volunteers would either stay with a local host family or in the project hostel. This would help all volunteers get acquainted with the local culture and Nepalese rich traditions. This would also help the participants understand the needs of locals and would help them to mingle easily. Volunteers would be served with three meals a day that would consist of local delicacies including Bread, Curry, Dal, Bhaht and pickle. The host families are selected carefully being responsible community members. Though the people are friendly and warm, please do not expect any sort of luxury as we keep our focus on you living in the natural conditions to learn more about the project, people and its traditions.


Our Volunteers Feedback

To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders.

Aaron Han


To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders

Aaron Hank