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“This is one of the volunteering programs you should definitely consider if you have a caring heart. There are many children who are orphans, who do not have anyone to look after them. Your participation may give them a completely new life they desire”

Project Overview

Volunteer Nepal Travel is a volunteer based organization which is working in the most beautiful cities of Nepal i.e. Chitwan, Kathmandu & Pokhara in collaboration with different local NGOs. Our aim is to provide our volunteers with a customized program which will enable them to make an important contribution in the lives of innocent children of Nepal who leave their destitute villages in search of job and prosperous future in the crowded cities of Nepal. But unfortunately the reality of these cities is really different from the charmed life they have imagined. Most of them are deprived of education and working as child laborers in restaurants, factories and hotel. Poverty and political instability affected thousands of people in Nepal which has resulted in the death of these people and turned many children into orphans.

There are about 117,260 orphan children currently living in orphanage, among which 44% are girls and 56% are boys, and their number is increasing day by day. These poor children face torture and exploitation. Many of these innocent children work over 14 hours a day in hotels, restaurants and industries and then sleep in the streets open air. These children are unaware of their basic rights as they are not educated. Thus they can easily target of sex racketing, child traffic, begging, smoking etc and thus ruins their life. There is no government initiative to protect the children and their fundamental rights. Likewise Most of the orphanages in Nepal are poor resourced, understaffed and underfinanced, so these always need volunteers support.

You’re Responsibilities as a Volunteer

While volunteering, you will have the opportunity to work with the innocent children with cherubic faces, living in the extreme poverty. Volunteer opportunities are available in many parts of Nepal, in both rural and urban areas. As a volunteer you will support them with their basic needs like food, shelter, education and health. You will work to improve the lives of poor children by caring for them and teaching them. You can assist the children to stay clean by helping them in brushing teeth, shower and personal hygiene. You can also help children to dress up and reach safely to school. You can organize educational tour for these orphan children. You are also expected to assist the young kids in food distribution, kitchen, garden and cleaning. In addition to this you can also help them by conducting creative programs for them including games, music, art, drawing, painting, and impart health education. The love and care you provide them will make them feel loved and crush any mental disturbance. You can make a positive change in their life by donating your little time to them.

PLEASE NOTE: The nature of this job is very much flexible. There is no need to worry about and no need to be stressed. The flexibility makes you your own boss. One has to work just few days in a week. To be precise one has to work 5-6 days a week and 3-4 hours a day. In short the schedule is very much flexible. You can get work schedule from orphanage staffs, which will always be there to help you in providing all activities you need in this project. Volunteers should also expect certain disruptions in schedule due to traditional, cultural festivals, their exams and other similar situations. During these times they are not allowed to work and can enjoy short holiday.

Project Skills and Education Requirements

You must be 18 years of old to join our project. You do not need any skills, qualification or prior experience for joining this project. All you need to require is to have an open mind, flexible attitude, compassion and eagerness to work with children, with passion to love and care for them. In addition to this, you should have good knowledge of English Grammar and be a good speaker. Volunteers should be imaginative, hardworking, have initiative, motivated to work and able to handle the children. You should bring energy and passion to make a difference.

Food and Accommodation

Volunteer Nepal Travel will arrange food and accommodation to its volunteer in a host family, hostel or orphanages. The lifestyle of the Nepali is quite simple when compared to the lifestyle of the Western countries. Volunteer should not expect the luxurious accommodation. You will be provided same accommodation facilities prepared by family. The Nepali bathrooms have a sit on your heels toilet, a shower area and running cold water and in the bedroom, you may either sleep alone or with another volunteer on a woven mattress or an a hard mattress. If you stay in the orphanage, you are supposed to do the household activities like cleaning the house, cooking food, taking care of children, taking care of elder people. According to the Nepali culture, Nepali people do not send the elderly people to old age homes like other countries do. It is against their culture.

During lunch and dinner the entire family sits together to have their meal and though you are a guest in their house you are considered as a part of their family which is a part of the lifestyle of Nepal. The food in Nepal has an appealing blend of strong and vibrant taste. You will be provided with three meals a day which includes white rice, noodle, drinks, salad, and vegetables, which is delicious. And if you want to have your own food, you are welcome to have it and you can get it from anywhere. There are many restaurants in Nepal that would suit your tastes and budget. Nepali food is much cheaper when compared to other places and your hometown. During your volunteer service you are supposed to live with your group of people or family, and share the same experience that they face. You will be given the local fare twice a day, but things that you can enjoy throughout the day and till your service is the love, kindness, hospitality and welcome of Nepali which is extraordinary!


Our Volunteers Feedback

To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders.

Aaron Han


To help the under privileged people of Nepal through various volunteering programs to help them attain sustainability, basic health care, education and a dignified life marked with equality that’s sans any cast, creed, religion and territorial borders

Aaron Hank